Visual Communications – Bad Ad Correction

In this assignment, each student was given an advertisement that could use some improvement, with the objective to redesign it. Initially, this assignment overwhelmed me. It was very cluttered with so many words. I wondered how I would be able to convey all the necessary information without it looking so crowded.FullSizeRender 2

Before diving in, I took a second to really take in the advertisement. It seemed as if they wanted to excite the audience and really motivate them to come in. I noticed that they also used patriotic colors since it was a labor day sale. labor-day-ad 2To encompass the feel of excitement and enthusiasm, I gave the traditional hanging sale sign. As previously stated, I kept the patriotic colors, however in the original, the warm and cool colors seemed to compete. So I let the cooler color sit in the and back and let the warmer color be the prominent one. Additionally a lot of the information seemed to be repetitive, which contributed to the clutter, so I cut a lot of it out. The new ad now gives the pertinent information, gives your eyes a place to rest, and still maintains the excitement and color scheme.


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