Visual Communications Portfolio

In the Fall of 2014, I enrolled in Mass Comm 2015 – Visual Communications. This course taught me the basics of InDesign and PhotoShop. Our professor encouraged us to post each of our projects to WordPress with a brief synopsis, creating a digital portfolio. Enjoy!


Mexican Menu

Ajalin Mexican Menu (1)

This assignment actually took place way earlier. This was right after my Spring Ad. It was one of my very first InDesign projects. We were giving a price list and told to create a menu. It was before we learned how to remove the white space from around the images. I think the color goes with the Mexican theme, and the images guide your eyes. It was really fun and I was very pleased with the outcome.

HollaPets Ad

Holla Pets

This assignment was by far the hardest & maybe the least enjoyable. Creating someone’s ideal invention was quite the challenge. All the original drafts looked so bad. Out of no where I was hit with an I dea and decided to give it one last try. This is the best draft I did, but it still could be better. Im used of dealing with images, not really creating them. Then when making sure it was 300dpi may have made some of my documents kinda blury. Then I would have preferred to make the ad on top of the image, but because I couldn’t because it had to be 8.5’11. I always enjoy my assignment but this one was okay, and I prefer indesign.

Magazine Layout

Ajalin’s Magazine

For this assignment we were to build our own magazine. We were given a blank template, ads that needed to be inserted, as well as ads that needed to be created. We were also given the text for the articles, and we were to design the layout. My strongest piece in the magazine would be Tiger Deaux-Nuts. I put a lot of time and thought into it. My weakest piece would be the Do’s & Donts pieces. I could have done way better had I put more time into it. While some would decide not to add this to they’re portfolio, I chose to keep it. This magazine taught me a lot about both InDesign and time management.


Visual Communications – Bad Ad Correction

In this assignment, each student was given an advertisement that could use some improvement, with the objective to redesign it. Initially, this assignment overwhelmed me. It was very cluttered with so many words. I wondered how I would be able to convey all the necessary information without it looking so crowded.FullSizeRender 2

Before diving in, I took a second to really take in the advertisement. It seemed as if they wanted to excite the audience and really motivate them to come in. I noticed that they also used patriotic colors since it was a labor day sale. labor-day-ad 2To encompass the feel of excitement and enthusiasm, I gave the traditional hanging sale sign. As previously stated, I kept the patriotic colors, however in the original, the warm and cool colors seemed to compete. So I let the cooler color sit in the and back and let the warmer color be the prominent one. Additionally a lot of the information seemed to be repetitive, which contributed to the clutter, so I cut a lot of it out. The new ad now gives the pertinent information, gives your eyes a place to rest, and still maintains the excitement and color scheme.

Visual Communications – Color Word Ad

Spring - Ad 2This was one of my first assignments in Visual Communications. The assignment was to think of our favorite color, and then assign a word to it. From both the color and the word we were to design an ad. The image is very simple, however it was important for me to add this piece for multiple reasons. It shows my understanding of the importance of white space. White space is fundamental building block of visual design. It is also important for me to add this piece because it was said to be the best assignment of the week. I was the first one in the class to seamlessly combine multiple images. This very simple assignment proved to be one of my favorites.